Recent Projects

Finzio – Financial Advisor Ranking and Matching Service

Multistep Wizard
Matched Advisor
Ranking Algorithm Tester in Admin Console

Brief. Develop a JSON-based multi-step wizard, a financial advisor ranking and matching algorithm, and a fully fledged admin console. Implement a ranking algorithm tester with a live preview, A/B testing, mailing lists, tag-based data slicing and reports.

Completion. 4 months from design to launch.

Challenges. Develop a ranking algorithm that takes multiple parameters into account and adjusts their importance in the context of each particular search run. Its capabilities exceed any currently popular financial advisory matching websites.

Technologies. Node.js, React, PostgreSQL + PL/pgSQL, Docker, Email HTML, CRM APIs, Wizards, Forms, JSON Schema, API Integration, Web Dashboards, MJML, Stripe.

Toptal Speedcoding Challenge (link)

Client: Toptal

Brief. A speed coding competition web application used to attract and recruit new talent at conferences, meetups, and online.

Completion. Initial version 2 weeks; ongoing support; new features developed every few months.

Challenges. High load; database race condition; multiple competition participants overloading servers at peak times; hackers automating bots trying to hack into the system to score higher and slow down others.

Implementation detail. Optimized for high-load; uses nginx micro-caching; uses mutexes as a fast means to prevent database transaction race conditions.

Technologies. Docker, nginx, php 7.4, Next.js, APIs, React, PostgreSQL, AST.

Devil Come Back Website (link)

Client: Global Wildlife Conservation

Brief. A Global Wildlife Conservation’s website that covers the organization’s effort in bringing Tasmanian Devil back to mainland Australia.

Completion. 3 weeks.

Challenges. Hard deadline attached to the event. Help the client limit the scope to meet the deadline while getting a complete website that is useful for visitors.

Implementation detail. Serverless Next.js instance with lambda functions; interactive sliders; signup forms; integration with qgiv nonprofit donation platform.

Technologies. Next.js, React, Vercel (AWS), lambda functions, mailing list integration, git, qgiv, Sketch, Abstract, css animations.