My Expertise

Hello! My name is Anton and I am a multidisciplinary PHP/React Web Developer and freelance programmer working in Adelaide, Australia. I specialise in API integrations and business process automation.

My overall experience in PHP web development is over 15 years.

Most notable clients: Global Wildlife Conservation, XZERES Corporation, Realtime Media, Toptal, Finzio, Profilt Protector.

An enterprise level case is the form building and data collection software I helped build that is now used by Volvo, Amazon, and Lenovo, and 4,000+ other enterprises. As a PHP and React.js web developer, I coded payment integrations like Stripe and iATS Connectors, reports with graphs/charts, integration with Salesforce, and features added to both back-end and front-end.

Other interesting accomplishments in web development include: Speedcoding Challenge, complex online forms, a wind turbine management system, an online service for Ukrainian Notary financial reporting, and analytics and monitoring tools for affiliate marketing businesses.

I have a master’s degree in GIS and am focused on self-development.

My development services include:

  • proof of concept and MVP development
  • complex web applications for business processes automation
  • database design (PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • integration with payment gateways and 3rd party APIs
  • helpdesk systems
  • WordPress plugins
  • data visualization
  • web scraping
  • React.js components and jQuery plugins
  • PDF, Excel and Word document generation
  • online forms
  • administrator dashboards
  • designing and implementing of Docker containers, for both development and production use
  • unit testing (PHPUNIT, Gherkin)
  • application internationalization and localization
  • code reviews

Having developed multiple web applications over the last 10 years, I had chances to work with various PHP frameworks throughout my career: CodeIgniter, CakePHP, FATFREE, and Zend.

In my day to day work, I use contemporary technologies and tools: React and Next.js, Composer, both OOP and functional programming paradigms, Single responsibility principle, namespacing, PDO, Regular expressions, data scraping, PHPUNIT, Behat / Gherking, xdebug, Unit Testing, p2p code reviews, and quality assurance.

Contact me today to see how my experience and knowledge can help bring your website and app ideas to life.