Anton is a solution architect and senior full stack developer who lives in Adelaide, Australia. He has more than 17 years experience working as an employee and independently, in teams small and big, in both Agile and traditional setups, working with codebases new and old, and, most imporatntly, always innovating and challenging the status quo.

Anton has successfully completed more than 20 projects in senior and tech lead roles, spanning industries as different as coding challenges, games, nonprofit orgs, data collection and processing, affiliate marketing, and business process automation.

Having this rich set of skills and being a problem solver, Anton is well equipped to apply his knowledge and expertise in a wide range of tasks, from business analysis to database design and application architecture, to mentorship, quality assurance and doing support.

Most notable clients: Global Wildlife Conservation, XZERES Corporation, Realtime Media, Toptal, Finzio, Profilt Protector.

An enterprise level case is the form building and data collection software Anton helped build that is now used by Volvo, Amazon, and Lenovo, and 4,000+ other enterprises. As a PHP and React.js web developer, he coded payment integrations with Stripe, iATS, PayPal and eWay, designed and developed complex reports with graphs/charts, integration with Salesforce and mailing campaigns, and executed complex refactoring of both back-end and front-end outdated codebases.

Other interesting accomplishments in web development include: Speedcoding Challenge, complex online forms, a wind turbine management system, an online service for Ukrainian Notary financial reporting, and analytics and monitoring tools for affiliate marketing businesses.

Anton has a master’s degree in GIS and is focused on self-development, innovation and solving complex problems in new ways.

Anton’s company development services include:

  • proof of concept and MVP development
  • complex web applications for business processes automation
  • database design (PostgreSQL and MySQL)
  • integration with payment gateways and 3rd party APIs
  • helpdesk systems
  • WordPress plugins
  • data visualization
  • web scraping
  • React.js components and jQuery plugins
  • PDF, Excel and Word document generation
  • online forms
  • administrator dashboards
  • designing and implementing of Docker containers, for both development and production use
  • unit testing (PHPUNIT, Gherkin)
  • application internationalization and localization
  • code reviews

Contact Anton today to see how his dedication, experience and knowledge can help bring your business ideas to life.